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Marie Long

Marie Long

If someone began to describe a person who has immeasurable talent, gives more than 100 percent of herself to every project, does the work of at least two people, asks for nothing in return, suffers no fools because she is so capable, that someone might be talking about Marie Long. To her family and friends, Marie is the most loyal, dedicated, generous and warm-hearted person anyone could ask for. If a person is lucky enough to have Marie as a friend, that person is lucky enough indeed.

Marie has been a part of the GRRC group for several years. She has worn many hats. If mailings needed to be done, she was there. If furniture was needed for a set, she did her best to either build it or go out and get it, if hands were needed backstage or on- stage, you could count on Marie. She painted, moved furniture, swept floors, you name it. She served as costume dresser, handmaiden to the “stars”, prop lady, and whatever else needed to be done. And she did it all with timeliness and precision. She was the consummate professional.

On October 5th, Marie was in Denver for her niece’s wedding. It was a very joyous occasion until Marie was taken to the hospital with a severe headache. What was thought to be a very bad migraine turned out to be a stroke. For the first 24 hours or so, her family feared the absolute worst, which was that they were about to lose the rock of their clan, the glue that holds their family together.

The good news is that Marie is making slow, but steady, progress recovering from her stroke. She was brought home to Strong Memorial Hospital in an air ambulance after two weeks in a Denver hospital. After several weeks at Strong, she came home where she lives with her two sisters, who are now tending to her needs. She is working with physical and occupational therapists and as a result has made much progress with her speech, her walking, and her mobility. She has indomitable spirit and works with grit and determination. It will take time, but every day brings her closer to a full recovery.

We thought we would share this Profile in Courage of one of our own. Bless you, Marie, and may you soon be helping others and “pounding nails” once again.



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