Arsenic and Old Lace

Arsenic & Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring presented in December 2010 by GRRC

by Joseph Kesselring

Directed by Allan O’Grady Cuseo
Presented in December 2010 by GRRC

Whenever I mention this play to people they usually reply they loved the movie – they loved Cary Grant. I want you to forget the movie. We are trying for broader comedy here and Cary Grant wasn’t available to play the role anyway. He must be busy or something.

The script tells us the play takes place in the 1940’s and it mostly does. But it doesn’t have to. Being slightly off kilter happens during every decade. I have been accused of being “crazy” several times this year alone. And who defines who is sane anyway? So, some things in today’s performance may give hints of the ‘40s, others may not…..and that’s OK. I am OK. You are OK. And this play is OK. So be it.

- from the director's notes for this production

Cast (in order of appearance)

Abby Brewster Joyce Szatkowski
The Rev. Dr. Harper C. Steven Morris
Teddy Brewster Stephen Elliott
Officer Brophy Joe Fox-Boyd
Martha Brewster Denise Bartalo
Elaine Harper Katharine Sanford
Mortimer Brewster Paul Johnstone
Mr. Gibbs Brian Daily
Jonathan Brewster Don Bartalo
Dr. Einstein Morey Fazzi
Officer O’Hara Stephen Cena
Lieutenant Rooney Jack Simel
Mr. Witherspoon Roger Gans


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Cast members of Arsenic & Old Lace
Photo courtesy of Liz Gill

The cast of GRRC's production of Arsenic & Old Lace

Standing (left to right) - Jack Simel, Roger Gans and Paul Johnstone
Seated (left to right) - Joyce Szatkowski and Denise Bartolo