Bermuda Avenue Triangle

Bermuda Avenue Triangle by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna presented in March 2011 by GRRC

by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna

Directed by Allan O’Grady Cuseo
Presented in March 2011 by GRRC

Bermuda Avenue Triangle is pure shtick but with an important message. The ladies in the show had given up on life and believed no one loved them anymore – they felt abandoned and worthless. They forgot that when we stay where we are long after it is still life-giving, we doom ourselves to live stale and underdeveloped. They forgot that life is a dance and the best advice we can be given is “just dance”.

- from the director's notes for this production

Cast (in order of appearance)

Angela Mary Quinlan
Rita Rochelle Pray
Tess La Ruffa Joyce Szatkowski
Fannie Saperstein Diane Chevron
Rabbi Jeffrey Levine Jack Simel
Johnny Paolucci Gregory Ludek
Tour Bus Operator Stephen Cena


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The cast of Bermuda Avenue Triangle
Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lewis

The cast of GRRC's production of Bermuda Avenue Triangle

Standing (left to right) - Jack Simel, Mary Quinlan and Rochelle Pray
Seated (left to right) - Joyce Szatkowski, Gregory Ludek and Diane Chevron