Cast (in alphabetical order)

Ian Cohen
Mark Alan DeWaters
Kathryn Dyer
Andrea Majewski Erskine
Cindy Hill
Jens Hinrichsen
Timothy J. Kehl
Karen McCulley
Erin Moriarity
Diane Nuccitelli
Bill Pesnell
Dennis Pratt
Marc Raco

by Mark Alan DeWaters

Directed by Diane Nuccitelli
Presented in April 2005 by GRRC

Here in the dark,
Nothing but music in my
Head and my heart
I hear the voices and the
Music and words
That have yet to be heard
The silence is broken, the stories unfold

Colors appear
Coming to life in ev'ry
Portrait I hear
Captured forever in a
Moment of song and when the moment is gone
The melody lingers, the portrait remains

And we're left with an understanding
Of the language that ev'ry heart sings
Telling our stories even after we're gone
We keep them alive because
The Music plays on ....

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TANYS Awards

•   Outstanding Vocal Ensemble to the Cast
•   Excellence in Music Direction and Composing  to Mark Alan DeWaters for his original musical


Cast members of We're Still Here presented in April 2005 by GRRC.


The cast of GRRC's production of Portraits

Left to right: Timothy J. Kehl, Marc Raco, Dennis Pratt, Erin Moriarity, Karen McCulley, Ian Cohen, Diane Nuccitelli, Mark Alan DeWaters, Andrea Majewski Erskine, Bill Pesnell, Kathryn Dyer, Cindy Hill, Jens Hinrichsen