True West

True West by Sam Shepard presented in June 2009 by GRRC

by Sam Shepard

Directed by Michael H. Arve
Presented in June 2009 by GRRC

True West came at the pinnacle of one of the most explosive creative outpourings ever by an American playwright. Between 1966 and 1980 Sam Shepard wrote more than forty plays – the bulk of his output exceeded only by its stunning originality. In the course of those years Shepard’s writing style went from wildly experimental, seemingly random exercises to sturdy, taut, quasi-realistic dramas. One could make a strong argument that True West is the sturdiest, tightest, most realistic Shepard play of all. But, though it is imperative that this play look and feel “real”, to focus entirely on the “realism” in True West is to lose sight of the mythic scope of Shepard’s characters and themes.

- from the director's notes for this production

True West won acting awards at the 2009 TANYS Festival for Louie Podlaski and Jeff Zielinski. The Mary Eva Duthie Award was given to director Michael H. Arve of Greater Rochester Repertory Companies for excellence in directing.

Cast (in order of appearance)

Lee Louie Podlaski
Austin Jeff Zielinski
Saul Kimmer Stephen Elliott
Mom Diane Chevron


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Poster design by Louie Podlaski, used by permission.


The cast of True West


The cast of GRRC's production of True West

Left to right - Jeff Zielinski, Louie Podlaski, Stephen Elliott and Diane Chevron

The cast of True West

TANYS Festival award winners Jeff Zielinski as Austin and Louie Podlaski as Lee in GRRC's True West.