The Unseen

The Unseen by Craig Wright presented by GRRC in March 2012

by Craig Wright

Directed by Kevin Indovino
Presented in March 2012

Presented in September 2012
at Rochester's Fringe Festival

Craig Wright’s stunning short play, “The Unseen” will leave you thinking deeply about philosophical issues – and life – in a way few “entertaining” plays ever will. Mr. Wright doesn’t waste one minute of your time, and he gives you much to ponder. This is a play not to be missed!

“The Unseen” is an eloquently written play about two prisoners, Wallace and Valdez, who have been imprisoned in neighboring cells for many years. They do not know why they are being imprisoned, tortured, questioned and tormented. The larger situation of their imprisonment is a mystery to them. Each day they talk, playing word games, speculating on the nature of the prison and the outside world. Each day they are visited by their guard, “Smash,” a brutal and vile character in charge of torture as well as the daily care of the prisoners. He loathes them, his job and his own remaining humanity.

Mr. Wright has received awards and award nominations for his work, including the Jerome Fellowship at age 21 and apprenticeships in playwriting from the McKnight Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Wright was the recipient of the 2009 Horton Foote Excellence in American Playwriting Award. He is a member of the ensemble of the Chicago-based A Red Orchid Theatre. Wright was also the creator of the ABC series, "Dirty Sexy Money".

The cast featured Andrew Cowen, Christopher Woods Marlin and David Woodworth


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