We're Still Here

Bill Pesnell in We're Still Here presented in May 2002  by GRRC

    Photo:   Bill Pesnell

Conceived by Michael H. Arve with additional material
by Diane Nuccitelli and Diane Chevron

Directed by Michael H. Arve
Presented in May 2002 by GRRC

Before September 11, when I chose the title for this production, I did not realize how apropos it would be. We are indeed still here. Many things have changed since that dreadful day. Yet the one thing that has not changed, is the American spirit. As you listen to the lyrics of some of the songs tonight, you will realize that that spririt has always been there. And it will continue to be there. We are a resilient people, as resilient as these women in tonight's show are.

- from the director's notes for this production

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Diane Chevron
Bob Dietch
Jeanne Kehl
Linda Gallagher Loy
Bill Pesnell




Cast members of We're Still Here.


The cast of GRRC's production of We're Still Here

Left to right: Bill Pesnell, Jeanne Kehl, Bob Dietch, Diane Chevron, Linda Gallagher Loy